Silence is one of the most absolutely pow­er­ful things I’ve expe­ri­enced in my life. So then what is it about silence that is so dif­fi­cult for us to handle?

I’ve had a lot of expe­ri­ence with silence, yet even I have a hard time with it quite often. If I sit down, close my eyes and get quiet, it’s not long before I have the desire to jump up out of my chair to “do” something.

When I quiet myself down, thoughts come flood­ing into my mind. Review­ing what I did right or wrong. Plan­ning what I’m going to do later. Real­iz­ing things I for­got to do. Per­haps hear­ing the “ding” of my phone, let­ting me know I have a new email to check.

I have to lit­er­ally stop myself as thoughts are enter­ing to say to myself, “No. You can deal with that later. For now, just relax.” And as I say that to myself, I imag­ine that thought as a book that I’m stack­ing up beside my chair. I give myself per­mis­sion to let go of it for now.

I love to feel the energy in my body as I get quiet. I can lit­er­ally feel phys­i­cal changes in my body. My mus­cles relax. I feel a slight tin­gling through­out my body. I some­how feel much lighter. If I find it hard to start relax­ing, I breath in through my mouth and out through my nose, at an increas­ingly slower and more shal­low rate.

Even when I truly am “busy” and can’t find time, I attempt to fit in at least 10 min­utes of silence. If I do it in the morn­ing, I find myself approach­ing my entire day with a much more calm and grounded man­ner. It lit­er­ally sets the tone for my day.

On the very few occa­sions I’m cre­ate for myself to go, I love to attend the wor­ship ser­vice of the Quak­ers. At least when I’ve gone, their “ser­vice” was com­prised of an hour of silence. If you think 10 min­utes is a chal­lenge to remain silent, try an hour!

Though it’s “just” an hour out of my day, it’s one of the most heal­ing expe­ri­ences I can give myself. The effects are pro­found and long-lasting.

I encour­age you to at least give silence a try. Do it now. Why wait? Just shut your com­puter and phone off. The world won’t end in 10 min­utes. Get your­self in a place with­out dis­trac­tions and give your­self this gift of silence.

We have a lot going on in our lives. Too much, really. See what silence might do to help keep things in balance!

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