cuddly kittenI think I chose today’s sub­ject because I’m in a cold part of the world and can’t seem to keep warm. Even inside. I guess my body is just way too used to the Tropics.

But some­how being cold made me think about cud­dling. Hav­ing been sin­gle now for a few years, cud­dling is some­thing I’ve not done for a long time. And I miss it!

Accord­ing to  WikiHow:

Cud­dling is one of the best means of phys­i­cal affec­tion; it gar­ners close­ness, shows affec­tion, and increases hap­pi­ness. Cud­dling releases a hor­mone which reduces stress and anx­i­ety, mean­ing that it increases your men­tal well being as well. If you’ve strayed away from cud­dling or aren’t sure what the best moves to use are, worry no more! Cud­dling is easy and fun with a lit­tle know-how.”

And for those per­fec­tion­ists among us, you can even read about the best posi­tions and see them ranked from best to worst!

I even learned about some­thing new myself when research­ing the sub­ject this morn­ing. There are such things as Cud­dle Par­ties. That could be fun!

gay cuddlersNo mat­ter what your take is on cud­dling — or what fla­vor of cud­dling you like the best, I think you’d have to admit that it helps to make us feel com­fort­able, loved, pro­tected, and warm. And fur­ther­more, accord­ing to Shape, it’s good for your health!

I hope this inspires you to have a cud­dly week!

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