Not that I have any solu­tions to the world’s prob­lems, but I hon­estly feel that Grat­i­tude is under appre­ci­ated. If peo­ple were more grate­ful for what they have, they’d be less wor­ried about what other peo­ple have and not be think­ing so much how “unfair” it is that they don’t have these things as well.

What’s really at the heart of most fights, bad feel­ings, bro­ken rela­tion­ships and wars? Think about it. A seri­ous lack of gratitude!

I’ve had the amaz­ing oppor­tu­nity to wel­come and get to know thou­sands of vis­i­tors to Costa Rica over the last decade. It’s hard to put into words how I see peo­ple grow from their expe­ri­ences. One thing I can say for sure though is that most peo­ple seem to move into a very appre­cia­tive space for what they have in their lives after see­ing how much more they have than many oth­ers around the world.

And hav­ing lived in a devel­op­ing nation for a decade and not hav­ing had all the crea­ture com­forts one comes to expect in other parts of the word, I’ve learned a lot about just being con­tent and thank­ful for the beauty around me and the few things I have.

There is a viral video going back around these days again by It’s part of a talk about grat­i­tude given by pho­tog­ra­pher Louie Schwartzberg. If you’ve not seen it, trust me, it’s worth your ten min­utes. It’s a great reminder of how pre­cious life is.

gratitudeI’m not exag­ger­at­ing when I say that every day I take a few moments to close my eyes, get quiet, smile and to feel my grat­i­tude through­out my body. I think, “Wow. I’m here today. I’m alive. I’m not suf­fer­ing. My fam­ily is okay. I have food to eat. I don’t know what tomor­row will bring. But for now, I’m grate­ful for everything!”

I hope you’ll take a moment to con­sider what you have to be grate­ful for today. Life is short. Enjoy the hell out of it!


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