What Inspires You?

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.51.46 PMI hon­estly don’t know why I am not work­ing in the enter­tain­ment indus­try. I can’t tell you how much I love music, dance, and per­for­mances. I’m one of those clos­eted “America’s Got Tal­ent” and “The Voice” watch­ers. I think it’s kind of embar­rass­ing and wouldn’t really talk about it with any­one, yet I just go crazy for those kinds of shows.

Even more embar­rass­ing is the fact that I always find myself cry­ing while watch­ing! What the heck is that all about? After a lot of time ana­lyz­ing this nutty phe­nom­e­non, I’ve come to the con­clu­sion that I feel incred­i­bly inspired by peo­ple who have found such beau­ti­ful ways of express­ing themselves.

So I’ve decided to use this inspi­ra­tion to help myself out. After work­ing sev­eral hours this morn­ing, I found myself a bit ‘stuck’ and frus­trated. I decided to take a break and watch a few audi­tions of the most recent “The Voice” episode.

I found it very help­ful to unplug from my work and to watch some­one else’s cre­ativ­ity and beauty. A cou­ple of con­tes­tants in par­tic­u­lar, John Mar­tin and Jessie Pitts, blew me away.

I was then able to return to work feel­ing much more pos­i­tive and inspired. Though I’m not much of a singer, I rec­og­nize that I am great at what I do, and I can see my own beauty being reflected back to me from oth­ers who inspire me.

If you are also feel­ing a bit frus­trated or stuck, per­haps spend­ing some time watch­ing or meet­ing with some­one inspi­ra­tional would help you too. And obvi­ously, it doesn’t have to be a con­tes­tant on a cheesy TV show!

If that doesn’t work for you, feel free to con­tact me for some one-on-one help!

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